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Manuel Göttsching/Ash Ra Tempel on Spotify
Manuel Göttsching on Spotify... please click here!
Ash Ra Tempel on Spotify... please click here!
About the 4 Ash Ra Tempel 50th anniversary reissues in The Wire
Daniel Spicer wrote a review of the four Ash Ra Tempel 50th anniversary reissues in the current December 2023 issue #478 of the British music magazine The Wire. You can read it here.
How it all began - Radio Eins Elektro Beats on 1 October 2023 about the Vinyl Re-Release of the first Ash Ra Tempel album
On the occasion of the current Vinyl Re-Release of the first Ash Ra Tempel record from 1971, which was published under the band's name, Olaf Zimmermann dedicated a programme about "The Making of" including a historical interview with Manuel and music from the re-released Vinyl. You can listen to it here:

The album was produced in March 1971 in Conny Plank's "Star Studio Hamburg" and engineered by him. At the moment there is an exhibition dedicated to Conny Plank at the "Saarländische Galerie Berlin" from 13 October to 4 November 2023. See here.

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First Ash Ra Tempel LP re-released on Vinyl
The first self-titled LP Ash Ra Tempel will be released on Vinyl as a "50th Anniversary Edition" on 29 September 2023 in two flavours: a classic black version and a limited edition with transparent vinyl. See the release information. Dealers please contact our distributor Word and Sound for both Vinyls (the black one and the transparent one). Please see the video to the release here. Other MG.ART releases distributed by WaS see here.

Cover Ash Ra Tempel (50th Anniversary Edition)
Cover Ash Ra Tempel (50th Anniversary Edition)
Inside Ash Ra Tempel (50th Anniversary Edition)
First reactions and press to the re-release see here.
A 30-year-old Ashra concert on YouTube
On 11 May 1991 Ashra (Manuel Göttsching, Lutz Ulbrich and Harald Grosskopf) played an open air concert in front of the famous Cologne cathedral. A part of it has been published recently on YouTube.

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