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This is a table of all concerts with participation of Manuel Göttsching. You will find some links to concert reviews and photos in the rightmost column of this table

Main Act Date Location Remarks
Manuel Göttsching with Hans-Joachim Roedelius 26.09.2021 Berlin (Germany) The two krautrock pioneers for the first time together in concert at the Zodiak festival!
Manuel Göttsching with Cirklen 11.09.2020 Copenhagen (Denmark) Inventions for Electric Guitar at the Festival of Endless Gratitude played on seven guitars.
Manuel Göttsching/Ash Ra Tempel Experience 15.06.2018 Hamburg (Germany) E2-E4 solo and three long old Ash Ra Tempel tracks in the Elbphilharmonie.
Manuel Göttsching 05.05.2018 Krems (Austria) E2-E4 live at the donaufestival.
Manuel Göttsching 16.11.2017 Düsseldorf (Germany) E2-E4 in a former planetarium during the die digitale düsseldorf.
Manuel Göttsching 30.06.2017 Foligno (Italy) The first concert in Italy, E2-E4 at the Dancity Festival.
Manuel Göttsching with Cirklen 27.04.2017 Szczecin (Poland) Inventions for Electric Guitar live in concert with the Danish guitar band Cirklen.
Ash Ra Tempel Experience 22.03.2017 London (UK) Manuel Göttsching performs wih Shags Chamberlain and Oren Ambarci music from ART's albums Ash Ra Tempel, Schwingungen und Seven Up at the Barbican Center.
Manuel Göttsching 22.03.2017 London (UK) E2-E4 live at the Barbican Center.
Manuel Göttsching 26.11.2016 Ghent (Belgium) Manuel played E2-E4 at Eastern Daze.
Ash Ra Tempel Experience 04.06.2016 Düdingen (Switzerland) Manuel Göttsching performs with Ariel Pink, Shags Chamberlain and Oren Ambarci music from ART's albums Schwingungen und Seven Up at the Bad Bonn Kilbi festival.
Manuel Göttsching 04.03.2016 Coimbra (Portugal) Performance of E2-E4 at the Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente.
Ash Ra Tempel 24.10.2015 Oirschot (Netherlands) Le Berceau de Cristal and more at the E-Live electronic music festival. See here (audio only) and here.
Manuel Göttsching 03.10.2015 Hebden Bridge (UK) E2-E4 for the first time live in UK.
Manuel Göttsching 29.09.2015 Katowice (Poland) Solo and with the band SBB on the market place for the city's 150 anniversary.
Ash Ra Tempel Experience at the Supersense Festival 08.08.2015 Arts Center, Melbourne (Australia) Manuel Göttsching performs withAriel Pink, Shags Chamberlain and Oren Ambarci music from ART's albums Schwingungen und Seven Up
Manuel Göttsching 07.08.2015 Melbourne (Australia) At the Supersense Festival
Manuel Göttsching 30.07.2015 Amsterdam (Netherlands) E2-E4 opened the Dekmantel Festival
Manuel Göttsching 27.03.2015 Křbenhavn (Denmark) Manuel Göttsching for the first time in Denmark.
Manuel Göttsching 24.01.2015 München (Germany) Manuel Göttsching solo as part of the Kraut & Drastik concert series at the Münchner Kammerspiele, a famous theater in Munich, including a homage to Edgar Froese who passed away some days before.
Manuel Göttsching 18.10.2014 Oirschot (Netherlands) Manuel Göttsching solo at the E-Live electronic music festival. Here is a video teaser from the live performance.
Manuel Göttsching 05.09.2013 London (UK) Live at Oval Space!
Manuel Göttsching 13.07.2013 Gorlice (Poland) Manuel Göttsching solo at the Ambient festival in Gorlice.
Ashra 15.06.2013 Berlin (Germany) The Private Tapes for the first time live on stage.
Manuel Göttsching 09.09.2012 Warszawa, Copernicus Science Centre (Poland) Manuel's birthday concert
Manuel Göttsching 12.08.2012 Makuhari-Messe, Chiba (Japan) The concert was held in favour of the victims of the earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011 and its aftermath.
Manuel Göttsching 23.06.2012 Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach (Germany) Manuel Göttsching plays E2-E4 for the second time in Germany for the museum's and the music's 30th anniversary.
Manuel Göttsching & Ashra 08.06.2012 Berlin (Germany) After 12 years, Manuel Göttsching & his band Ashra performed at Berlin's ufaFabrik, where Ashra's first album at Virgin started!
Manuel Göttsching 12.04.2012 La Casa Encendida, Madrid (Spain) Manuel Göttsching plays E2-E4 as Spain premiere at Electrónica en Abril.
Manuel Göttsching & Joshua Light Show 04.02.2012 Berlin (Germany) Manuel Göttsching performs as the highlight of the transmediale festival accompanied be the legendary Joshua Light Show
Manuel Göttsching 11.12.2010 Glasgow (Scotland) Scottish Premiere: Manuel plays his greatest hits at Stereo, with support of Men & Machines and the Goethe Institut Glasgow. For some more information check out here.
Manuel Göttsching (with Elliott Sharp, Steve Hillage and Zhang Shouwang) 04.09.2010 Ono Izu-City (Japan) Concert at Metamo Festival, Mt. Fuji freaturing Manuel's debut solo composition Inventions for Electric Guitar - recorded in 1974, released in 1975 - as the world LIVE premiere, performed on 4 guitars. Check the video!
Manuel Göttsching 02.06.2010 Paris (France) Greatest Hits, concert at La Villette Sonique/la Géode. For excerpts please check out in the right hand corner of the Myspace site at the play list and scroll to the titles: "Die Mulde Live in Paris 2010" and "Deep Distance Live in Paris 2010".
Ashra 20.02.2010 Dinslaken-Lohberg (Germany) Manuel received the "Schallwelle Music Award" for his life achievments in Electronic Music. A concert by him & Ashra took place in Ledigenheim.
Manuel Göttsching 08.03.2009 Los Angeles (USA) Accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie The Haunted Castle at Hollywood's eldest cinema, The Silent Movie Theater.
Manuel Göttsching 05.11.2008 Beijing (China) (Accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie The Haunted Castle at the famous Yugong Yishan Club, excerpt here)
Manuel Göttsching 02.11.2008 Beijing (China) (Greatest Hits, concert with famous Chinese band WHITE at D22)
Manuel Göttsching 01.11.2008 Beijing (China) E2-E4 at the German Night for Goethe Institut's 20. anniversary in China, at Zone 798, check out fan's video
Manuel Göttsching 29.10.2008 Biberach (Germany) (Accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie The Haunted Castle for the 30th anniversary of the Filmfestspiele Biberach)
Manuel Göttsching & Ashra 23.08.2008 Ono Izu-City (Japan) (Concert at Metamo Festival, Mt. Fuji freaturing unreleased music from the albums Correlations Complete and Belle Alliance Plus and Greatests Hits by Ashra, check also the video at DAX TV
Manuel Göttsching 17.08.2008 New York (USA) (Greatest Solo Hits at Joe Claussell's LOVE)
Manuel Göttsching 16.08.2008 Philadelphia (USA) (Die Mulde and Greatest Solo Hits at Chuck van Zyl's The Gatherings)
Manuel Göttsching 15.08.2008 New York (USA) (E2-E4 within Wordless Music at the Lincoln Center; US-premiere, light show by Joshua Light Show, see trailer)
Manuel Göttsching 10.02.2008 Berlin (Germany) ("In Memoriam Willy Sommerfeld", accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie The Haunted Castle at the UfaFabrik, following Ilona Ziok's film "The Sounds of Silents" about Mr. Sommerfeld)
Manuel Göttsching 10.10.2007 Jecheon (Korea) (Accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie "The Haunted Castle" the the biggest Asian Film-Music-Festival, see excerpts)
Manuel Göttsching 27.09.2007 Sausalito (USA) (Manuel's art-music-video Wroclaw Live on Lynn Augstein's live installations at Cobalt Sun)
Manuel Göttsching 09.09.2007 Berlin (Germany) (Birthday party with Elliott Sharp, Joe Claussell and Shou Wang)
Manuel Göttsching 12.12.2006 Berlin (Germany) (E2-E4's 25th birthday concert at Berghain, see Polylog's excerpt)
Manuel Göttsching 27.08.2006 Ono Izu-City (Japan) (E2-E4 for the first time life on stage ever, Metamo Festival at Mt. Fuji, see trailer)
Manuel Göttsching 29.07.2006 Wroclaw (Poland) (With video artist Kinga, Browar/brewerey, DVD Wroclaw Live
Manuel Göttsching 22.07.2006 Wroclaw (Poland) (Accompanying live F.W.Murnau's silent movie The Haunted Castle at the Opera, see excerpts)
Manuel Göttsching 29.04.2006 Fujinomiya-City (Japan) (With video artist Kinga, World Prmiere at Anoyo/Prism Festival, see video excerpts) CD release Live at Mt. Fuji
Manuel Göttsching 25.03.2005 Berlin (Germany) Together with ensemble Zeitkratzer. CD released: E2-E4 Live
Manuel Göttsching 01.11.2003 Braunschweig (Germany) CD release Concert for Murnau
Manuel Göttsching 30.10.2003 Braunschweig (Germany)  
Ashra 21.07.2000 Berlin (Germany) Concert review Photos
Ash Ra Tempel 02.04.2000 London (UK) See photos. CD release Gin Rosé
Ashra 11.10.1997 Nijmegen (Netherlands) CD release Sauce Hollandaise
Manuel Göttsching 06.09.1997 Höfgen-Kaditzsch (Germany) Photos
Ashra 19.07.1997 Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival (Germany) DVD release Live At The Open Air Festival Herzberg 1997
Ashra 12.02.1997 Tokyo (Japan) CD releases @shra and @shra Vol. 2
Ashra 11.02.1997 Osaka (Japan)  
Ashra 10.02.1997 Osaka (Japan)  
Ashra 07.02.1997 Tokyo (Japan) Harald Grosskopf's own impressions of this tour
in English in German
Ashra 11.05.1991 Cologne (Germany) Open air concert in front of the famous Cologne cathedral. Excerpt on YouTube.
Ashra 04.06.1988 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 04.06.1988 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 24.08.1985 Sheffield (UK)  
Manuel Göttsching 09.10.1983 Berlin (Germany)  
Manuel Göttsching 30.01.1982 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 01.03.1981 Barcelona (Spain)  
Manuel Göttsching 11.11.1979 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 19.08.1979 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 12.08.1979 Berlin (Germany)  
Manuel Göttsching 29.10.1978 Berlin (Germany)  
Ashra 18.11.1977 Angers (France)  
Ashra 16.11.1977 Tours (France)  
Ashra 15.11.1977 Toulouse (France)  
Ashra 10.11.1977 Aix-en-Provence (France)  
Ashra 08.11.1977 Grenoble (France)  
Ashra 07.11.1977 Lyon (France)  
Ashra 05.11.1977 St. Étienne (France)  
Ashra 04.11.1977 Mulhouse (France)  
Ashra 03.11.1977 Lausanne (Switzerland)  
Ashra 02.11.1977 Annecy (France)  
Ashra 01.11.1977 Neuchâtel (Switzerland)  
Ashra 28.10.1977 Colmar (France)  
Ashra 27.10.1977 Épinal (France)  
Ashra 26.10.1977 Orleans (France)  
Ashra 25.10.1977 Nantes (France)  
Ashra 24.10.1977 Rennes (France)  
Ashra 22.10.1977 Brest (France)  
Ashra 18.10.1977 Bruxelles (Belgium)  
Ashra 25.09.1977 Metz (France)  
Ashra 14.08.1977 London (UK)  
Manuel Göttsching 17.12.1976 Tours (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 16.12.1976 Orleans (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 15.12.1976 Annécy (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 14.12.1976 Paris (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 13.12.1976 Reims (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 11.12.1976 Brest (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 10.12.1976 Rennes (France)  
Manuel Göttsching 16.10.1976 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 06.12.1975 Grenoble (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 29.11.1975 Bordeaux (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 28.11.1975 Poitiers (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 27.11.1975 Paris (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 26.11.1975 Lyon (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.11.1975 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 10.09.1975 Guebwiller (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 07.08.1975 Cannes (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 06.08.1975 Arles (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 18.03.1975 Tours (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 17.03.1975 Paris (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.03.1975 St.Michel (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 14.03.1975 Orleans (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 13.03.1975 Lyon (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 23.02.1975 London (UK)  
Ash Ra Tempel 22.02.1975 Manchester (UK)  
Ash Ra Tempel 21.02.1975 Guildford (UK)  
Ash Ra Tempel 06.12.1974 Paris (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 09.06.1973 Berlin (Germany) (session)
Ash Ra Tempel 09.06.1973 Innsbruck (Austria)  
Ash Ra Tempel 26.05.1973 Duisburg (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 07.04.1973 Bern (Switzerland)  
Ash Ra Tempel 28.02.1973 Cologne (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.02.1973 Paris (France)  
Ash Ra Tempel 13.02.1973 Freiburg (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.09.1972 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 25.03.1972 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 21.02.1972 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.02.1972 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 06.01.1972 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 18.12.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 15.12.1971 Mainz (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 13.11.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 11.09.1971 Brugg (Switzerland)  
Ash Ra Tempel 10.09.1971 Bern (Switzerland)  
Ash Ra Tempel 09.09.1971 Zurich (Switzerland)  
Ash Ra Tempel 08.09.1971 Brunnen (Switzerland)  
Ash Ra Tempel 05.06.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 27.05.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 19.05.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 14.03.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 03.03.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 02.03.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 19.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 13.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 11.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 09.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 07.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 06.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 05.02.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 26.01.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 22.01.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 21.01.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 20.01.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 12.01.1971 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 16.12.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 12.12.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 14.11.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 13.11.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 01.11.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 24.10.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 03.10.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 02.10.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 01.10.1970 Berlin (Germany)  
Ash Ra Tempel 26.09.1970 Berlin (Germany)  

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