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Le Berceau de Cristal and Die Mulde now available via Spotify
Two weeks after the release of Die Mulde, the timeless Ash Ra Tempel soundtrack Le Berceau de Cristal is now also available via the music streaming service Spotify.
A very interesting interpretation of E2-E4
Four guys who called themselves Chess Medi Workshop for this project played a very creative interpretation of Manuel's E2-E4 during the Kampnagel Summer Festival in Hamburg back in 2018. One year later, they did it a second time in a Hamburg club and just recently they published an excerpt of this performance on YouTube:

E2-E4 at the Paris Fashion Week 2023
At the Paris Fashion Week 2023 dresses were shown that used the cover of MG's record E2-E4 as a template. The clothes were presented to the music of this composition. International press reported about it, but also the German one, e.g. in the Zeitmagazin:

E2-E4 at the Paris Fashion Week 2023
Australian radio show dedicated to Manuel Göttsching
On Monday 20 March 2023, the monthly radio show Tepid Rhythm on the Melbourne (Australia) based streaming platform Area 3000 dedicated a full two-hour programme to Manuel Göttsching, focussing on his life and musical ventures. After presenting some interviews and articles, host Luke Sevior played E2-E4 in its entirety during the second hour of the show. The radio show has been recorded, you can still listen to it on SoundCloud.
In memoriam Manuel Göttsching and his musical life
On Friday, 10 February 2023 an evening dedicated to Manuel Göttsching took place in the UfaFabrik, Berlin. At this event, moderated by Lüül, the Danish guitar band Cirklen played Inventions for Electic Guitar. A video recording of the whole event is now online.

In Memoriam Manuel Göttsching
Interview with Chris Bohn from The Wire
Radio Eins did an interview with Chris Bohn, editor-in-chief of The Wire, regarding the memorial event for Manuel Göttsching held on 10 February 2023. It's still online (in German and English).

Interview with Chris Bohn
(Photo by Keiko Yoshida. More photos from this event on our photo page.)

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